About us

Welcome to Anāqa.

Anāqa is an online-based Australian modest fashion clothing brand. As a Muslim-owned business, we believe that fashion should be an expression of one's personal style, without compromising on modesty. We curate a stunning collection of sophisticated clothing that caters to the modern woman who seeks elegance, versatility, and utmost comfort in her everyday wardrobe. 

Created by founder, Rana - Anāqa is a trailblazing brand that embodies the essence of a new era in women's fashion. Our mission is to empower and inspire women to embrace their individuality while staying true to their values of modesty and comfort.

The word Anāqa - the Arabic translation for elegance, encompassing a multifaceted sense of beauty, femininity and sophistication. 

Whether you're looking for a casual outfit for everyday wear or a statement piece for a special event, Anāqa has you covered. We believe that every woman deserves to feel confident and beautiful, and our collection is designed to make that a reality.

Thank you for choosing Anāqa. We are honoured to be a part of your fashion journey and look forward to helping you find the perfect pieces that reflect your personal style and values.